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Intuitive Energy Work

with Jeff Laurin


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Book Now
Nov 25, 2022, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. PST
316 W 5th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3K4, Canada

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Jeff "Ziggy" Laurin

Intuitive Card Reader & Reiki Master Level Certified Practitioner 

Jeff helps people connect with their inner healer through energy work and intuitive card readings. He started doing this powerful work after committing to his own healing journey and discovering spiritual gifts he had suppressed from childhood. 

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I have had a few readings over the last few months  and now experienced my first Reiki session. My readings with Jeff were amazing and spot on I’ve had two zoom readings and an email reading all have been accurate and resonated from past to present and to my now.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn't have those readings with Jeff. I recommend this amazing intuitive card reader and his energy. 

This was  my first Distance Reiki session with Jeff/Ziggy. I Felt all the blockages  I was feeling have been released. The next day, I still felt the energy moving through my chest, shoulders & head area like it was being released out. I feel like a whole different person after having a Reiki session. My first session ever . I truly respect & trust Jeff 100% - Belle Anderson

Jeff Laurin is relatable, real and raw. Using multiple decks and crystals Jeff seems to have a direct connection to your Spirit Team which allows him to get to the heart of the matter each and every time! Thank you Jeff and blessings to you!

Michael B. Troy, Michigan

The entire reading was so on point, it literally outlined things I had forgotten I had to deal with to progress in my life. Amazing reading, on point and exactly what i needed to hear at the time.

1 Hour Zoom Reading

I wanted to say THANK YOU so much- I truly appreciate what you did for me yesterday, for the first time ever I was genuinely open to receive Reiki healing. You have very powerful and amazing energy.

Love and Light, Elena

Jeff’s reading was excellent! I liked his energy on TikTok, and I thought I'd give him a chance, but I wasn't expecting him to be so precise. From the moment he started reading,


How Energy Work Changes Lives

More Clarity

Increased Mood

Reduces Stress 

Connect With Spirit

"The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you."

David Lynch

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