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***Payment is non refundable. ****
If you "no show" don't show up  for your reading you forfeit your reading payment for my pre- time getting ready meditating and connecting and opening my cards.If you advise me at least 2 days prior for a reschedule there will be no extra fee charge to reschedule. If you have notified me of a reschedule after the 2 days prior to ur reading up to 3 hours before there will be a $25 charge to reschedule. And again if u no show day of without notifying me it's a forfeit of your reading and payment. 

****Disclaimer Warning⚠️*** I am not a mental health professional or advisor. This is not substitute for mental health advice. I'm not a Doctor or Therapist. What you do with this Reading or Reiki session is up to you and your judgment. This reading will be coming through the lens of the reader. Please make your own decisions when getting a reading. My opinion, energy and stories are shared but they are just that my opinions they do not have to be yours.
Let me know what booking you'd like and I can send some available time n dates 

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